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Worthy Park Estate Unveils A Rum Cream for Summer

For all those with discerning palates who prefer to savour a sweet rum cream to set the mood, Jamaican-owned Worthy Park Estate Limited is offering up a premium cream liqueur just in time for the summer. The single-estate producing rum company continually seeks to expand its portfolio of premium liqueur with the introduction of its newest brand: Worthy Park Rum Cream.


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Top 9 Jamaican Rums to Drink

Although Barbados might be where rum was born, Jamaica took the rum-making process and took that yummy liquor global. The fruity, funky flavors are enhanced with touches of molasses and burnt sugar that take all of my favorite rum-based drinks and make them spectacular.

I’m pretty particular when it comes to certain foods and drinks. More often than not, I find my favorites and tend to stick with them. However, now and then, I can be swayed in new directions.