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Madeira (Vintage 2013)

Taste of dried fruits balanced with dry tannins. Spicy pepper and banana flavours transform into a finish of fresh berries and dried fruit.

Sherry (Vintage 2013)

 A creamy texture with spicy pepper and dry raisins. Sweet berries with a hint of the licorice root.

Port (Vintage 2008)

A bold rum with very distinct wood, vanilla and red dried fruits. Dry fruits, licorice root and woody flavours at the end.

Rum-Bar Vodka, Classic

With the popularity of vodka growing on the island it was a natural progression for Worthy Park to release a Vodka under it’s Rum-Bar brand name.

Rum-Bar Rum

Rum-Bar Rum is Jamaica’s premium White Overproof Rum. Sticking to tradition this is a blend of three un-aged rums, all distilled on our 100% copper Pot-Still.

Rum-Bar Rum Cream

Following the success of our Rum-Bar Rum we used that along with real cream as the main ingredients in our Rum Cream.

Rum-Bar Gold

A classic rich Jamaican rum which can be enjoyed mixed or neat. Ideally, rested before sipping as once the alcohol dissipates the sweetness of banana and stewed apples prevails on the nose.