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Worthy Park Overproof


This is the first time in modern-day Jamaican rum that an overproof rum has been made with a blend of both molasses and cane juice distillates!

Worthy Park Overproof Rum tips its hat to the original days of rum production, where cane juice was more widely used in rum-making before it was replaced in large part by molasses. In its taste profile, our cane juice-based rum has a difference that is lighter, crisper, smoother, and more “refreshing”, with a slight honey sweetness not seen in our other rums.

Tasting Notes:

On the nose, it presents a crisp, light aroma, unlike a traditional full-strength Overpoof rum. Worthy Park’s signature ripe tropical fruit flavours share the spotlight with cane sugar sweetness with a slight tickle of honey which is attributed to our cane juice distillate. Its palate presents a familiar overproof punch, while complemented with sugar, honey, and fruit flavours.

With an overall light and crisp feel, coupled with robust flavors Worthy Park Overproof Rum makes it an excellent choice for any cocktail or simple mixed drink recipe.