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Worthy Park Special Cask Series Port 2010

Worthy Park Special Cask Series

One of the two first releases of a double-matured product, 100% aged at the distillery. Distilled in 2010, this rum was aged in once used, American White Oak Ex-Bourbon casks for 8 years. This was followed by 2 years in an Ex-Ruby Port casks for added depth and complexity and bottled at 45% alc./vol.

Tasting Notes: In the glass, the rum is a shining dark brown with a slight hint of orange/red. On the nose, sweet caramel is the first sensation mixed in with tropical fruit notes; banana and naseberry come to mind. This is followed up by a more bitter aroma reminiscent of red wine. That caramel like sweetness carries though with the first sip. The fruit flavours envelop your mouth and gradually makes way for a pleasant warming sensation punctuated by pops of dried fruit like raisins. The finish shows the clear influence of the port cask as the more astringent taste of the red wine comes through to play and complement the initial sweetness nicely, giving the rum an overall good feel.