Worthy Park Estate Takes Centre Stage at Pork Palooza

Last Wednesday, October 26, the award-winning official rum sponsor Worthy Park Estate took centre stage with its 360-degree bar at the romantically lit Hope Gardens to offer Jamaica’s finest “single estate” rum for the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival.

Munga Excites Frinally| Jamaica Star

Since 2019, a large number of celebrities, influencers, music veterans, and melophiles have flocked to the RWC Courtyard at 36 Hope Road, Kingston.


Worthy Park Estate takes center stage Pork-Palooza

Top 9 Jamaican Rums to Drink

Although Barbados might be where rum was born, Jamaica took the rum-making process and took that yummy liquor global. The fruity, funky flavors are enhanced with touches of molasses and burnt sugar that take all of my favorite rum-based drinks and make them spectacular.

I’m pretty particular when it comes to certain foods and drinks. More often than not, I find my favorites and tend to stick with them. However, now and then, I can be swayed in new directions.

The Best Rum Bar in Jamaica

For centuries, Jamaica’s finest aged rums have long found immense popularity among connoisseurs around the world.

But for travelers to the island, finding them all in once place hasn’t always been easy.

For the best expressions from storied marques like Appleton to companies like Hampden and Worthy Park, both of which have seen a renaissance in the last decade, it’s often required a distillery journey to secure a bottle.